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  1. I will teach you to hand read better than Vanessa Selbst , and how now this is a technique that I have been using for last 4 years, learn how to convert a deck of cards in sounds and discover a new world of information.
  2. Did you know there are chemicals foods and materials that can make you want to gamble, these secrets the casino industry uses the maximum to put people in a position to lose their last dollar. But using these chemicals you just can’t lose, as If you become a money making machine.
  3. My students have a complete framework when they take down any game and stake level, it is black and white set of rules that you follow to grind, when you don’t follow rules the results are unpredictable and it is more play and you are on whim, some days you win and some days you lose, my students have the complete game plan, they know what they need to do monthly, and what return this fixed set of rules gets them, the rules are different for 1/2 USD blinds, 2/5 blinds and completely different for 25/50 blinds. My players have rules regarding the type of table that is running, the type of image the players are projecting.
  4. Poker Face my students learn to develop their poker face, they are extreme winners and champions I always guide them in having a poker face what it is, what to project , how to refine for max advantage, not knowing this will keep you out of the juciest games.
  5. I am the ultimate poker grandmaster and in a very unique sense I have become because of my very best experience with training poker players as well as playing since last two decades, my last job was on Wall Street and that was over 10 years ago, I chose to remain anonymous and use pen names but I have been a very prolific writer on poker and gambling. I was able to beat the best NLHE and LHE poker bots in a challenge that beat the daylights out of noted poker pros.
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I have really decided to cut it all out like I was trying to start a poker venture but selling to the already decieved poker players who have burnt their fingers so many times in corrupt sites, selling a poker room deal is very hard indeed. And have decided to just get on with the private coaching for souls out there crazy about poker.