Tilted poker player loses 10,000 Euros

The action happened on the GreySnowPoker site on 22nd Jan 2020.

Losing 10,000 Euros in just 10 minutes is pretty bad. Easybet had just doubled up holding TT versus AJ of Armine18 when they were both preflop all-in for a pot a little over 10k Euros. Then in just 10 mins Easybet donates it all in a very tilted session going all in nearly every hand, here is the video for all to see.

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I still remember the great victory that this player had on the party poker website and it is truly amazing what he achieved he converted a small bite of $5 into to a pair out of over 1 million dollars on the party poker website and how he did this was he played satellite event of the party Poker million event and he won all the steps of the satellites. The entire match was broadcasted online bi a popular broadcaster and YouTuber, the whole matches still available online. That is how poker should always be, like you make a 3000 dollars a month and from that you keep a $200 for entertainment each month and there say you spend life 150 dollars going outside etc and the $50 you can put online and play like some tourneys and if you win you try to play bigger tournaments and say like you win the step to and now you have say one thousand Dollars. Now you can cash out this amount and try for bigger events that happened in the year like the WSOP millionaire maker and if luck is on your side you win a million dollars. Setting limits is very important. You have to recognise that poker is not the same that was in 1997, now the big corporations are trying their level best to eliminate any edge that professional poker player have. They have succeeded in having their way because the poker players are a very weak lot. The other half of the story here that affiliate business is a very big business you are talking about revenue of millions of dollars every year for the top affiliate websites and even the middle and bottom rung affiliates and marketers are given a huge portion of the poker sites revenues. Poker sites spend much more than what is paid in rake by the players for marketing, promotion, advertising. There is very little left for the poker sites themselves. Every single modern site out there is having bots on their sites. The poker sites know that there are poker cheats if they are not going to do someone else is going to do.

now only the names and networks are changed of the poker sites the business of cheating is the same. Today if I want I can convert the site to an affiliate site and start sending new fishes to the newest poker networks and earn rakeback that the players generate at the poker site for the lifetime but I am not going to do that, in the last 10 years I have earned enough from live poker and ebook business to be set for life.

Never underestimate your opponents

Just day before yesterday a simple bloke came in my private poker club and he really was a poker noob he had made his third buy-in but went on a sick heater and his last 100 dollars he turned into 900 and called for cashout.

we did the cashout for James instantly. He kept on hitting bigger full houses and the best advice is that poker will humble you, no matter how smart you are think you are in poker still poker has the power to make king any noob on his lucky day.

I beat the stockfish level 6

I have never taken chess professionally and today I was able to beat stockfish engine level 6 , plus I have never read any chess books or have had a coach , this implies I have performed at the level best that I could ever, I have heard stock fish at highest level is impossible to beat even by a chess a GM.

Poker in India has become extremely difficult with cops shutting down all brick and mortar rooms excepts for casinos. Tournaments are no good at all with 31 percent flat cut for the government for the prize pool. No one can win in tournaments with such high rake already plus taxes except for the ultimate 0.001 percent of players.

There are good cash games all year round but only in casinos which is dominated by the regs and room operators and they really do not like winners 🙁

Natural8 poker Ponzi scheme

Thought I would review the natural8 poker room which is on the GG network today and guess what the first tournament I played there ended with a bitter bad beat and me with 0 percent chance to win and opponent calling with garbage.

The AA too could not hold. There are extremely high stakes games running at GGpoker and who is going to play at stakes of 25k dollars in current industry

There was a time when online poker was fair and players would grind up to say even a million bucks grinding daily for the year but now the scene is such that most and nearly all high stakes games are shut down as there are no winners left. Who is going to deposit that much except the poker room owners at a shady online site.

Poker A Big Ponzi Scheme

Poker has become a very big ponzi scheme take for example the Daniel negreanu sponsored poker site GGPoker or pokerstars, these sites do not have the funds deposited with them , for example if there are ten thousand players and together they have deposited 1 million dollar the site is only going to have 10 to 20000 dollars. And the always makes new excuses at the time of cashing out. Several large cashouts are continuously blocked and the regularly lock and close accounts of big winners.

the same scenario happened when DOJ accused full tilt Poker and pokerstars of running a ponzi scheme, the players had chips of 430 million dollars , and this should have corresponded to the funds that the site owned in its bank accounts , the rake was never enough for the company to run its operations, the owners of the sites worth buying mansions, expensive cars and taking foreign vacations.

the same scenario generally happens at all new poker sites where the owners use the funds deposited for their own use, several Indian poker sites like Spartan Poker, pokerbaazi, adda52 have been accused by the users on the popular review platform mouthshut.com.

in just couple of years the owner of Spartan Poker had bought for himself expensive cars, posh house in Mumbai, and mingling with the stars of Bollywood.

poker sites are investing heavily today in advertising, twitch marketing, affiliate marketing in the hope of finding new fish.

the players still do not understand how much the deck is stacked against them.

poker scout which used to offer fair reviews of online poker has been completely bought out and replaced with affiliate ads of the poker sites.

Kym Lim Poker Hand

Kym Lim@KymLim86·Dec 23, 2019Here’s the hand: $20/40/80NL. Reg opens EP to $200, I flat next to act with QQ,


flats in pos. Flop AdQdQx, checks around. Turn 8d checks around. River Td. Reg bets $200, I make it $1500,


folds. Reg makes it $6800. I make it $21k. He shoves for $42k more. I fold.

Okay so this is the hottest topic, and my analysis is call, because it is highly likely he may have AA and he may have played it this way, it is very unlikely and extremely low probability event that he may indeed be having straight flush, hence CALL is the best option, plus Kym has already invested a third of her stack.