Poker-IQ Club Relaunched

  1. A Private non unioned club on the PPPoker Network. (Non Unioned is very safe)
  2. Rake is 5%
  3. Settlement is every Monday.
  4. Deposit options are BTC, ETH, with dollar lock-in!
  5. Cashout Fee is 2.5% !
  6. Absolutely no house players!
  7. Membership fee is one time 125$ which gives 100 chips. 1 chip equals 1 USD.
  8. Cashout can be requested any time!
  9. No Deposit No sharing of Club ID!
  10. Deposit using BTC 3Dkt13K1exVBdAD333HQ199x28QvDM2ntk and email proof at to get access and play!
  11. No call time no limitations.

(Update: The site has 500 or so registered players and requesting them to join at 9AM in the morning and 9PM in the night New York Time, so that everyone can get a lot of action, The games of choice are PLO 1/2 Blinds, PLO 2/4 Blinds USD)


(Please allow 1 business day as we are on a shoe string budget but aim to provide the safest online poker experience! Your money is 100% safe with us!)

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