Limitless Poker Champion Course

There is never a limit to what you can achieve from poker! Never a limit to what you can lose from poker! Time is money so act today get started on the path of becoming extremely rich!

Isn’t it true? If you are like average American poker player you have huge poker losses. Most of my students who came to me were down like 300,000 $, some were like over a million dollars down. 

The thread was common, they had a great love for poker, they kept trying to improve in poker, but could never become the elite poker players. 

Now this is my promise to you! I will make you an elite poker player who is going to crush 25/50 $ blind game and in an year you can make more than 100,000$ in net profit. 

I have taken all crap from my website as it means nothing. What matters to you the most? Let’s focus on that!

How about that some of my trained poker players have been winning over a million dollars every single year. 

What my course is about

  1. Taking an average grinder of 1/2$ USD stake level and rising him in stakes to 25/50$ stake level. 
  2. Imbibing all the secrets to crush or not lose when sitting at any single poker table. 
  3. None of the poker books are going to convey that info, and most players remain stuck at lowest levels with losses increasing. 
  4. Thinking out of the box at the poker table. 
  5. Thinking about poker hands out of the box, a new framework of analyzing each poker hand to play like a poker god! 
  6. Stack your opponents and keep them going for re-buys until they are busted completely. 
  7. Using Nicolas Darvas Theory For Money Management (A Self made millionaire)
  8. How to increase your brain power, how to raise your IQ level to over 200 by using special brain supplements (Nootropic Drugs). (Will be providing them, dosage etc) Yes these supplements are available made from billion dollar pharma companies and sourced from developing markets!

Poker Champions Course – 20,000$ (Believe it this 20,000$ is going to pave the way for winning 2 million dollars)

Time Frame – 3 months of online coaching on Skype + Course Material 



Who Am I?

I am really an enigma! Since 2010 I have been published poker books under a lot of pseudonyms. In the USA I was grinding 25/50$ stakes in Vegas for a long time, I started grinding from Kansas City in Harrah’s and Ameristar at the 1/2$ games. In the 3 months after perfecting my craft I was able to win 28,000$ from the lowest games in Kansas City. 

I then moved on to Vegas, I have played in Atlantic City, St Louis, Council Bluffs, I was grinding out 5/10$ and I was making a decent living, on most days I was making like 1000$. 

However little did I know that casino would take a toll on me, and I started playing Baccarat and lost my entire million dollar fortune that I had built. 

I started writing poker books under various pseudonyms and till date from 2010 I have published over 50 poker books under so many different pseudonyms. The knowledge that I am having is immense first by playing for a decade live and then creating poker books. I would say that I have spent at least 20 years on poker that too religiously. I have spent countless hours working on Holdem Manager 2 perfecting my game, eliminating my leaks. 

After 10 years of playing poker even though I was making a decent living at it, and winning on average, it struck me that what I was doing was hell lot of inappropriate. That there is so much scope for playing better that most poker players never realize, they keep playing the ABC game and keep losing money. 

I finally figured it out what it takes to be the top champion and to earn at least 100,000$ every single year and probably like a million$. This is the stuff of champions. So if you really feel stuck in life, and need a way to make a decent amount of living then buy my course and you will never need to look back.