Becoming A Better Poker Player

Just by playing more and more you cannot become a better poker player. To become better you need to find out your mistakes and eliminate them. You also need to find out areas where you need to improve, or maximize your winnings, so that your win rate increase. was founded with the sole aim of making you a stronger and better poker player. Making you aware of where you stand is crucial. Once you understand your level only then you can take prudent steps to become a better poker player!

The Poker-IQ Team

We have a number of professional poker players who develop these Poker IQ Tests. Every test is carefully verified by another poker professional for accuracy.

Phil Rogers


I have been very much interested in poker and chess right from my childhood. Both these games you cannot improve by playing, no matter if you are playing for an year or 10 or 30 years. If you don't take effort to improve, don't eliminate your mistakes, you stay where you are. For this reason I founded where you will get quality poker tests to help you improve quickly.

A Better Poker Player

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