Ten Tips To Improve Your Cash Games


This is my number 1 tip you need to learn to play poker from the freerolls, there are so many sites and hundreds of freerolls each month.

It is wise to never ever deposit any money at all online. because the skill needed to win at online poker is extreme.

Already players have spent over 10,000 hours learning and playing the game and even these players are finding it hard to eke out a buck from online poker.

It is extremely prudent to never deposit for learning.

If you can take down freerolls, then from the 5 or 10 dollars that you have won, play a MTT and if you win that you are going to have a couple of hundred dollars, with which you could play cash games or play more tournaments.

There are people who have never deposited even a single dollar and are sitting on multi-million dollar fortunes.

Even today as I write this there are players vying for this goal.

If you can’t win from freerolls, you will never be able to win from any money that you deposit and you will lose it all guaranteed, you can win a session or two but you will lose it all in the end just like any casino game.

The reason being the edge is grossly negative. Just like a casino gives you a negative edge, so does a game of poker is giving you very poor odds for the new players.

Once you become a seasoned professional then you can assume of having an edge of half a percent or less than 1 percent over the competition.

When this happens you will make money at the tables and remember for new players it is going to take a very long time to achieve this. Hence my first tip is start from freerolls.


Again as told to you in the first chapter, this is so important that I am putting it again as lesson number 2.

You must win money online that you can use to play online, there are so many sites giving freerolls, and you should use that to win money.

If you fall into the habit of depositing money online for poker, then you are doing a grave mistake for your hard earned money.

Keep it in a piggy bank or put in a fixed deposit.

Your money should be earning you interest, and you should not hope to put any money down for poker.

Once you win from freerolls, couple of dollars, play bigger tournaments, it is easy to win a couple of hundred dollars by taking down two tournaments in a row.

One freeroll that you take down can give you say 10 dollars. It can happen in a week’s time if you persevere enough.

Then this will give you sufficient practice to take down a small real money tournament.

Once you take that down say in a month you will have a couple of hundred dollars.

With this say 200 dollars that you have won online, cash out.

And go to the local poker room if you have won and have VPIP of less than 30, double the 200 dollars and get up.

Repeat the same thing until you have built a bankroll of 2,000 dollars and then you can play deeper. If you fall down to 1000 dollars again use the same strategy.

If you lose this bankroll again proceed from the freerolls, I know it is going to be very tough and frustrating, but who said poker was easy?

And earning money is even harder, so never waste your hard earned money.


Limits are there to protect you. I have been in stock market long enough to know that stop loss limit and other limits are there for a reason.

If you start having no limits, there is no limit to the amount of sorrow that you can get.

Keep poker limited, it is a snake at best. If left unchecked it will wreak havoc in your life.

It is really dangerous game, and people have lost their lives out there playing this game, and lost everything precious to them, including their family.

If you don’t believe it then read my other poker book “Poker Biggest Tragedies” to know about the most misfortunate ones. There are people locked up in maximum security prison for life because of poker.

So limits apply to everything, right from the amount of money that you are risking it, the amount you can risk in a week, the amount you can risk in a month, the amount that must be invested once this much profits have happened, the amount that you can put in a single poker hand.

Of course this is way out of limits for this short poker course.

But visit my site Poker-Iq.com where i can make you an expert in this.


Okay most of the things that you have read about poker may or may not work when you sit down to actually play poker.

The most important thing for cash game is your table image.

The better your table image is the more equity you are going to have, meaning the more is going to be your winnings and lesser chances of your losing money on the table.

Table image is never constant. You table image can become bad because of your playing perfectly but being unlucky.

Once you have lost a couple of hands your table image has taken a hit, it doesn’t matter if you had AA, QQ. And stop showing what great cards you had, because that will make you an even bigger fool, there is no respect in losing in poker, no matter if you had quad aces and lost to a royal flush.

The losers are disrespected in poker always.

Now conversely if you have been winning a lot and showing down worst hands, but winning it does not mean that your table image is increasing, so do not take my statement to mean that.

It means you are respected, because of the big poker stack that you have, but still your image is very poor, and people are going to try to hit it against you with anything.

So in that scenario, it is time to start building table image. But the best scenario is when you get a deep stack simply leave the table, as people will chase more often, play worse holdings, will get lucky against you, and in the end will break you.

If players set an eye on you, you will be broken you will be bankrupt in the long run.

If players think you as a fish even though your WSOP Main Event champion you won’t win in the long run.

Table image is that much important, so always be aware of your table image, for your lowest level games, if your table image is super stick in the game, if your table image suffers because of your losing get up.

I guess that’s enough for this short primer.


It always works conversely.

The higher you go the harder you will fall.

If you don’t take big leaps you won’t fall down big.

In poker too, don’t aim for big wins, if your stack is 100BB plan to take down 10 or 15 BB pots, plan to win uncontested when you are a clear winner.

If you have a flush draw and there are two more people, don’t think about equity, equity will fuck you up in the long run.

+EV Play is going to fuck you up in tournaments too, but we are not discussing tournaments, but just a tip.

+EV is ok when it is a computer simulation, but hell you are getting 30 cards dealt in an hour where the hell is EV going to come, in your entire year of live poker, it would be difficult to even meet 50k hands of poker, and variance is so huge that EV does not even come in play until you hit at least 100k hands. EV can vary widely, and you need to minimize the luck factor to a bare minimum.

Forget EV get in touch with me how to win session after session after session with a sure strategy to win and build up your bankroll from one two dollar games to 25 and 30 blind games. 

And I really mean where you are going hell wrong is all the actions that you are doing on the table that is check, bet, raise, re-raise, all-in, fold, call. These 7 actions you are doing it all wrong and because of that you are losing, and you really have no idea! Let me tell you if I start to write about the psychology of these actions it is going to fill an entire book. You really need to spend a lot of time thinking about why you are doing this action and why not another action is better just like in chess from a set of possible moves which move is the best.


Ok! So you have a bankroll now, and you are going to play poker as a full time professional.

But before doing that chart out your plan, chart out how many hours you are going to play, when you are going to play, what win rate you expect, what is plan B is negative win rate is there!

Every day needs to be decided.

You need to know how many hours your body can take to play.

If you overtire your body, your results are going to suffer badly.

If you follow a weekly routine, where you know this many hours I am going to play, this many hours I am going to spend on health, this many hours I am going to rest, this is what I will do to get out of emotional turmoil or to cool down.

You will notice that a schedule is going to help you tonne in this.

Your body will get accustomed to the hard work of grinding.

Poker is really hard work, and poker grinding is really like a job.

Your body is once aligned to this work, your strategy is set, with all points defined, then you can really have good profits.


Always keep a journal and record all your sessions.

Once you start keeping a journal and have few entries, you are going to see a pattern emerge.

When you lose, when do you win, from the sessions, you will understand what kind of a player you are.

Remember it is all gambling, today 99.99999 percent of the players in poker are gambling except for 0.000001 percent of all players worldwide. Why they are not gambling is because they have a very big real edge over their competition.

Ok so now back to the topic, you need to keep a journal and record each session, record the time and date, record the place played, for how much time, how many buy-ins, net result, why this net result, lessons from this session.

It will hardly take you ten minutes to create this entry as it is fresh in your mind, you can even record the notable hands.

When you start reviewing this data later, you will really learn a lot!


You must never borrow for poker, and why is that?

Reason is plain and simple it is gambling and you will lose all your money.

Unless you are like a Christiano Ronaldo or Tiger Woods what they are to their sport and you are such in poker, only then it is ok.

But if you were that talent you could make vast sums from a small amount of money.

And if you are losing than you are pretty bad at it, you don’t know it, or you are having the urge to gamble.

People have lost their lives after they have borrowed money.

Also never take a loan from anyone else for poker.

If you are losing then get a job and whatever you save in the month take out one tenth of that and put no more, that is my thumb rule for you.

Actually the pros out there say you never need to spend more than a couple of dollars a month, but I am giving you that much leverage.


Did you know this is my second income?

This finances my poker activities, and saves me enough for my retirement egg, and I do have a first job.

Poker is brutal, in the short run of say a couple of hundred hands, you don’t know what is going to happen, you can lose 5 or 6 sessions in a row, because you are running bad.

Bad luck breeds even more bad luck.

Always try to work a side income project if you want to play poker, so that you will have enough to take risks.

Poker is not going to give you anything initially until you become a top pro. Now read on to the next chapter to learn how you can pyramid up even though you are an amateur player.


If you are not pyramiding up you will never achieve anything meaningful in poker ever. Why is WSOP the holy grail of poker and why is Las Vegas the final stop for all poker players?

Think about it, only there can you really get such big field tournaments where 1000 dollars can be turned to 1 million dollars.

WSOP is one such place, there are so many Americans that vouch for it, they will go there every year in the hope that all they need is one lucky break to recover all their losses.

They are going to save the whole year and plan for this event, and they are going to assume an have no expectation of any result from this tournament.

They are going to play it, and if they ran good and caught a couple of lucky breaks, who knows they might win it.

It’s all a luck game in tournament.

With blinds increasing fast, take any single WSOP tournament you will see there are new winners every single year.

Tiger Woods can win year after year, Kasparov can win several years and be the reigning world champion, but it is nothing like that here.

In poker even amateur can win if he catches a lucky break and follows a basic poker system.

A pro cannot do much compared to luck. He can minimize the luck element, but if his set is going to get broken again and again by flush he is going to be toast.