Poker Relocate

If you are like me and my mates we love poker. In the States there is over saturation of poker skill. There is no money to be made, however if you really want to get settled where poker is now in a booming stage it is India.

Poker economy in India is like what it was in the States in 1997, the good party has just began with Dan Bilzerian showing up at the Big Daddy casino Goa.

There are so many live poker rooms on the casino boats offering you so many poker goodies like free stays, free food and free shows that it is insane!

We can help you relocate to the best place in the world for poker right now for free, yes, if you really want to shift we are giving you all the free advice and free connections in getting your pod set up and getting you up and grinding all day and all night in Goa.

Just email me at