Welcome to Poker-IQ private poker club!

Also you never want to play at PokerStars the software is designed in such a way that sharks cannot empty out the poker fishes. Because if that happens no rake will be generated and the online poker business will end. The RNG is completely joke and they have spent millions of dollars in perfecting an RNG which appears random, the hole cards will be dealt in perfect RNG, but the flop, turn or river will be completely biased.

Stop paying these criminals and email me to play in our own private club with crypto buy-in and cash out, instantly! We play every day at 10pm in the night a single game of either NLHE or PLO stake is 500 dollars and 5/10 dollar blinds. To join us email me at We are using PPPoker app and we are not members of any unions, if you know what I mean!