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Poker biggest tragedies You have heard of the success stories it is time to focus on the biggest tragedies due to poker.

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Introduction – This expert level PLO course gives you a new framework of playing your favorite PLO poker game. Be it cash games or tournaments you are going to CRUSH. We have done over 10 million computer simulations of poker hands using various strategies to zone in on the one single framework which would take down every single PLO opponent and deliver winnings in cash games and tournaments. Before you buy any book you must know what it is going to accomplish for you! People keep buying books reading the title and think it is going to help them achieve something, I bought the book “The Secret” hoping it will convey to me “The Secret” of getting rich, but even today it is to me a secret what that book wanted to convey, it is just an endless mystery of words, woven into paragraphs, chapters just conveying that this so called secret is there. Anyways I will jot down what THIS BOOK is going to help you achieve! 1. Firstly, every PLO player needs how to figure out odds, outs, he needs to know his odds, most Hold’em players know but PLO players are fuzzy, so we are going to give out the odds which is going to give you an edge. 2. Examples from top Pros, this is important, the topmost players who are winning bracelets in PLO must be thinking differently, how they think about this game can be garnered from their best poker hands and we are going to give you examples from those. 3. Thesis designed from the best poker players, playing style which is going to help you improve in the game. 4. A framework specifically a set of rules which is designed to turn your PLO playing a profitable venture in the long run, based on our computer simulation of over 10 million poker hands. This framework will define strategies to bet, raise, call, fold, raise, re-raise check at every function point. I can guarantee that your PLO results are going to be completely different after you finish this book , now before you bust your poker bankroll again, just read this book, if you are a high stakes omaha cash game player then you CANNOT afford to miss this book. Plus the entire computer software is available for those looking for deep dive and details inside on how to buy it, you will need to buy the code and everything separately, this book is going to give you the one single framework completely, if you need to do more personal simulations on your own then contact the author.