How are poker tournaments different from cash games?

In tournaments you need to have a lot of concentration, you need to be hand reading, you need to be stealing very often, you need to be continuously adding chips to your stack, you need to stay at the top and way above average, as bubble time approaches and beyond that, before the final table you need to be aggressive and take down a lot of pots. Antes would be there and it is extremely important to pick a lot of pots at the table, be the table captain and keep raising your stack uncontested. You need to focus on your image and you need to sometimes show down strong hands too.

In cash games you can take very easy, its all about patience and being there, not getting into much situations and taking time. You have a lot of BBs generally, there is no benefit of antes in cash games generally, if antes are there then it is completely different game. But in normal cash games without antes you would need to play super tight and have VPIP of less than 30 and you will do great.

Why should I trust you and what changes can you bring about?

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