How are poker tournaments different from cash games?

In tournaments you need to have a lot of concentration, you need to be hand reading, you need to be stealing very often, you need to be continuously adding chips to your stack, you need to stay at the top and way above average, as bubble time approaches and beyond that, before the final table you need to be aggressive and take down a lot of pots. Antes would be there and it is extremely important to pick a lot of pots at the table, be the table captain and keep raising your stack uncontested. You need to focus on your image and you need to sometimes show down strong hands too.

In cash games you can take very easy, its all about patience and being there, not getting into much situations and taking time. You have a lot of BBs generally, there is no benefit of antes in cash games generally, if antes are there then it is completely different game. But in normal cash games without antes you would need to play super tight and have VPIP of less than 30 and you will do great.

Why should I trust you and what changes can you bring about?

I have sold poker books for over at least a million dollars, my every single book when CreateSpace was there was upwards of 1000 dollars. Some books as high as 2999$. I have sold thousands of poker books till date from 2010 at these high prices. My books were being bought by the top pros because they knew it would make a difference, I once asked a person who bought a very high priced book and became my student, I had opened several poker training websites through the years, so he told me that he believed he would improve, and sure he did. He was from Czech, and in 2015 he contacted me stating he wanted to be my student, so I sent him course material and he told me he is losing and over the period of time he started doing very good. He also had another job as a pilot, but would play poker for fun. You can check his details here on THM. He generally plays for fun because he has a good job and enjoys it.

Then Granary Media took invited me to their radio talk show which was for promotion of my book for my Viktor J poker books and courses and I got a lot of students from USA. They too are all doing good, so you know that I have a good experience in getting people up way high from their current skill level.

Any Staking Program?

Yes, we have a staking group where we stake people for 100,000$ and expect them to make money, however for that to happen, you need to first take our course, and prove to us that you are ready! If you do not know where to start you need to start at the lowest online games and build up from there. If you can’t build up, its useless, unless you have a habit of building up, you are actually gambling. All your bankroll needs to be built from scratch, otherwise if you get bankroll from elsewhere you will just end up gambling. So the real place to learn is the lowest games online, only then you can learn real money management. How to manage bankroll as it is very important for success, so many players have won millions of dollars and then lost it all, hence it makes no sense to make millions, lose it all and learn no financial control. But I am here to make it easy for you and you don’t need to spend a decade doing this, just take up my course and get on the fast-track to success.

Why a 20,000$ course?

As the strategies have so much changed and the best players are doing it different! It’s no more a Doyle Brunson game, and if you just play an ABC game then you are doing it way wrong. If you are losing money and still playing poker then you do not know what a positive win rate can do for you! In an year you can easily make an extra 50,000$ and over your career a whole lot more. So you need to pay for what you get! Just buying a poker book for a couple of dollars will not make any difference!