14 Great New Cash Game Concepts

1 One thing at a time

If you go to casino just play poker, don’t be distracted by side games or other casino games, or other betting. Just focus on 1 and your results will improve drastically!

2 The DOwn Pull

Poker has a down pull.

When you sit at the table you can’t expect to win off the bat, you will generally experience a down pull caused by blinds, getting to know the meta game, build history on other players, and only then you will start to develop an edge on your opponents.

If you had 600 dollars I would suggest you to sit with 600 dollars and not bet on one pair and two pair, just wait for sets, trips, straights, flushes, of course you have to learn to play a post flop game.

However when you sit with that deep stack if after an hour you don’t start making profits you can get up after taking small loss.

It is always better that way rather than sitting with 200 and playing an aggressive TAG game, then if you lose you end up putting the rest and you may still get only break even.

3 The Nut Bluff

A lot of times players put all in with AK or AA, you see famed players doing it all the time in cash games.

However in this chapter I am going to share with you something unique.

Remember this only applies when you have position, reads, and you see a scared money player who is playing hit or miss poker.

So you have position and you don’t see your cards with this player when you have direct position with him for example he is on big blind and you are on button.

Without seeing your cards you raise 3x and then do the same on every street, on the river you push all in if your opponent comes along.

You will win 80% of the time with this strategy, and also you need to keep in mind that it needs to be heads up, play and also you have to make sure that in live play you are getting the read on players if they have very strong hands or not. For example when a player in live game has a very strong hand he will act weak, those are the times you are killing yourself if you follow this strategy.

Just imagine how many times a showdown happens in poker, most of the times, pots are won without showdown also this move should not be attempted more than once in an hour in live play. And your image should be that of super tight.

4 Concept of Power

Your game should have strength in it. Your lines should have strength.

Your starting hands should have strength, you can’t just keep play and then fold.

That is very weak poker, weak poker results in losses.

Strong poker, strong moves, strong lines, strong hands will result in strong profits.

 Finally you can’t go on chasing losses in poker, chasing losses in poker is actually paving the way for losses, the more you get desperate you go deeper in the quick sand of poker losses!

5 Reverse Pull

When you are in the strongest of the minds, strongest of the spirits, sit deep at the highest stakes that you can afford, the profits you will make at these will build your fortunes.

Players pay a mammoth rake or transaction cost the times that they play poker. The little by little that is taken off every now and then has the potential to empty nearly every stack in just a span of 12 hours with no re-buys. 

Think about it, with poker you are taking a risk, unless you start gambling when in best shape you can’t win. Just like Sam Farha said, go for the gold!

6 Quests, Missions and Rake Races

All of these are a ploy to sky rocket the rake.

Poker rooms have their profits coming from rake, if they offer you incentives like rake races or such, don’t fall for it.

Most of the time what you get will be miniscule to what you pay them in rake!

This applies to both online and offline poker.

Of course there is no denying that rakeback is a good thing but you don’t want to fall for missions that will propel you sub consciously to put more volume!

7 The Unlucky Day

As its name implies an unlucky day is an unlucky day.

Nothing will work out on this day.

Expect bad beats, expect losses only.

Your best bet is to recognize that you are having a bad day and put a full stop to your poker betting on this day. FULL STOP!

8 Online PLay

The trouble with online is that there are bots that are just there to play a very straight game to help the poker room get rake.

That’s how the poker rooms make money. Imagine a live poker table where there are just computer players and a dealer.

Believe me gone are the days when bots used to suck at poker. Hello! This is 2017, the bots have undergone tremendous amount of changes and updates, the CPU power has increased by leaps and bounds, and their hunger for your stack has become infinite!

Play online poker only for FUN if you are not netting profits each month. And say goodbye to your online poker accounts!

9 Easy PLay

Poker is just a game my friends. You have to learn to take it easy.

I was watching Douglas Polk on YouTube playing Live At The Bike with about 20k dollars and he ended up bluffing his whole stack away to another player who made a very good call on the river.

Of course all this play is ok, but remember to chill out, take it easy. Just like in golf!

The harder you try in poker, the more losses you will incur.

Play at a stake that is reasonable for you, don’t got for stakes where the money will be dear for you and you are going to make money because on a table sometimes player play with dear money and end up playing very, very bad.

10 Is it Poker Or lotto?

Let me make a bold statement here, any poker site that has all in free rolls,  running with poker players being given tickets for all in shootouts. Why would they have them?

Playing the lotto is bad for poker players, it affects you subconsciously, you end up becoming a gambler, or hoping for those one in a blue moon victories.

Quit any site that has made  poker a casino game.

I can list down a lot of such sites but you already know!

Find pokerscout on the internet and before you put money at a poker site go and check out its reviews, so that you also don’t end up like same!

11 The 5th Rule

If you plan to wait for a river card and fold If you won’t get your card it is best to never call the Turn bet.

For example you have nothing but a draw and your opponent has bet full pot on the turn, stop, don’t call the turn bet, as you will fold on the river if you don’t complete.

Forget reverse implied odds! Just fold and move on.

Also don’t call 3 Bets and fold on C-Bets.

3Bets = Big Blind is first bet, First raise is 2Bet, 3Bet is the raise of 2nd Bet.

12 The Weak Line

This is where you make the most errors, which could make for a lot of profitable pots.

It is an art to identify when your opponent has taken a weak line and he is going to fold on a strong bet, you have to identify this pattern.

If you find this pattern, then you can exploit with any two cards.

The only thing you need for this is the read, the matching of this pattern, position, and balls!

You also need to make sure that you don’t leak weak lines to opponents, who will slam on seeing weakness!

13 SteaM, Steam Ahead

A good poker table is that where there is a player or players who are steaming and trying to recoup losses.

The pattern to see is they will play a lot of hands and will most often build pots.

You need to find such tables like late in night or early mornings.

These are very good games and literally bankroll builders for you!

Your edge will be the highest in these games and so will be your profits!

14 Recognizing Compulsive Gambling Pattern

You have to recognize and note down your patterns when you end up having bad days.

Anytime you are having such time just go and splurge some money on things you need or some luxuries.

You will end happier and also will avoid a very bad day.

Try to listen to music that or do anything that will make you pass this bad time until you are good again.